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Tel: +6 012 – 5140049
Email: harooinlangkawi@yahoo.com
Operating Hours: noon – 10pm
Sunday closed

Hidden in a tiny side street close to the bridge that leads from Kuah’s banking district to ‘My Hotel Langkawi’, the Korean Restaurant Haroo is a culinary gem just waiting to be discovered! Never heard of it? The regular guests who rarely skip a week without booking a table did make the impression they would rather keep ‘their’ small Korean restaurant a secret…:-)

Murals depicting scenes of the traditional Korean way of life set the tone for an experience that celebrates both – the authentic flavors of time-honored Korean dishes as well as the distinct Korean dining culture.

 For a truly authentic experience, enjoy your meal in an alcove with a ‘jwa-sik’ floor seating or book a table with an integrated Korean BBQ grill and order a grilled platter with beef, chicken or seafood. Then watch a charming waiter grill the wonderfully marinated ribeye, prawns or mussels directly in front of you, dipping individual pieces in a bean paste and wrapping them in lettuce into ready-to-eat bite-sized delicacies. Accompanied by kimchy, spicy radish and a variety of traditional Korean condiments – a revelation for your taste buds! Just in case you wonder… Yes! The bespoke individual service comes at no charge. Quite unbelievable!

Eager to try other signature dishes? Start with a seaweed soup, traditionally eaten by women after childbirth to regain strength. Or opt for a spicy seafood noodle soup with prawns, squid, mussels and vegetable. When it comes to main course, order the famous Bimbimbap, a rice dish topped with stir-fried vegetables, beef and fried egg, mixed just before you are ready to eat. Or try Tukbaegi Bulgogi, a clay pot dish of sliced marinated beef with vegetables cooked in mild Korean soy sauce. A vegetarian? Jap Chae, a traditional dish with glass noodles made of sweet potatoes and mixed with stir-fried vegies, may be the perfect choice!

While Tiger, Carlsberg and Heineken are available, you may want to try traditional Korean alcoholic beverage such as the sweet Mak-Geol-Li or the popular So-Ju which is distilled from a fermented grain and has a taste similar to vodka. If you prefer non-alcoholic beverage, the plum and honey tea or tea made of roasted barley are simply delicious and the perfect finale to a truly authentic Korean dining experience. Enjoy!

Seating Capacity:         37 guests
‘Jwa-sik‘ floor seating:    4 guests

Price Range:

Vegetarian                     28 –   30 RM
Seafood                         35 –   40 RM
Korean Noodles             30 –   40 RM
Chicken & Beef              30 –   35 RM
Grilled Platter                 45 –   60 RM
Korean BBQ for two     100 – 150 RM

Traditional Korean drinks included
alcoholic beverage available.

Location as per map, ample parking space directly in front available.



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