Koh Lipe Photo Travel Guide

A short put together out ouf the "Koh Lipe Photo Travel Guide"
by Shearwater Photo

If you’re thinking now is the time for a visa run or a trip with friends to Koh Lipe, (Thailand), Gary on the sailboat Shearwater has a photo website to visit.  It includes high quality photos, maps, weather links and information about what Koh Lipe looks like, where to go and what to do. 

The link is: Shearwaterphoto.wordpress.com

Here is a short put-toghether out of this Travel Guide

Diving with Crystal Yachts in Koh LipeTHE TALE OF A MERMAID


Advertorial by Kamila Delart

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I love the sea. The sound of waves breaking against primordial rocks, the emerald green water shimmering in the sun, the salty taste in my mouth… The ocean seems to exert such a pull on me; I sometimes wonder whether in another life, I used to be a mermaid. Living on the bottom of the sea, spending my days playing with colorful fish, taking care of my coral garden... To indulge in my sea- fairy fantasy, I got myself a diving license a few years back. But due to heavy sedimentation, the coral reefs around Langkawi have little appeal.