Koh Lipe Photo Travel Guide

by Mark

Koh Lipe Photo Travel Guide

A short put together out ouf the “Koh Lipe Photo Travel Guide”
by Shearwater Photo

If you’re thinking now is the time for a visa run or a trip with friends to Koh Lipe, (Thailand), Gary on the sailboat Shearwater has a photo website to visit.  It includes high quality photos, maps, weather links and information about what Koh Lipe looks like, where to go and what to do. 

The link is: Shearwaterphoto.wordpress.com

Here is a short put-toghether out of this Travel Guide

A short ferry ride from Langkawi or a longer ride from Pak Barra, Satun or Trang on mainland Thailand, Koh Lipe and its northern islands offer visitors an enjoyable sample of Thailand and its offshore waters.  Beaches, snorkeling / diving, nightlife and a variety of Thai and western foods are some of the attractions to be found here as well as a tropical climate that winter visitors can’t get enough of.  A bit off the beaten track, there is no airport and there are no cars.  After the ferry boat out to Koh Lipe,“longtail” boats make the short trip from a large raft on the south end of the island to shore.  Visitors then travel by longtail boat or motorcycle taxis with sidecars to rooms and resorts.  (Note:  Ferry boats also run to and from Koh Lipe and some of the islands between it and Phuket.)

“Longtail Boat” on Koh Lipe with the Northern Islands in Background

Due to monsoon weather patterns, the best (dry) season is from December through March. Ferry service is from late October through April. Koh Lipe is somewhat crescent shaped and about 2.8 KM (1.8 miles) East to West. (With the hollow of the crescent on the south side.)  It has 3 main beaches. Pattaya is the main one and on the south side, It connects to the “Walking Street” and a variety of businesses. Sunrise Beach is on the East side and Sunset Beach is to the North.  Commercial web sites promoting the island (or maps once you get there) will show a variety of places to stay on Pattaya Beach, Sunset Beach and the north east coast of Koh Lipe.

Diving and Dining at Pattaya Beach and “The Walking Street”

Sunset Beach on the North Side of Koh Lipe

The three islands close to and North of Koh Lipe are part of a national park and are undeveloped, offering good day trips by boat from Koh Lipe to remote beaches, hiking, snorkeling and diving.  Koh Lipe is a worthwhile stop for ex pats in Malaysia needing a visa run, or visitors on their way to or from Langawi vacations.  More photos, maps, information on the three main beaches, weather links and a search feature can be found at the blog/website :



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