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by Mark

In the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club(click above for website & more details)Latitude 6.18.2′ NLongitude 99. 51.1′ EVHF Channel 69Call sign: “Royal Langkawi Yacht Club”. Tel. + (6)04 966 4078Fax +…

In the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club
(click above for website & more details)
Latitude 6.18.2′ N
Longitude 99. 51.1′ E
VHF Channel 69
Call sign: “Royal Langkawi Yacht Club”.

Tel. + (6)04 966 4078
Fax + (6)04 966 5078

Email: office@langkawiyachtclub.com

Sample of berthing fees in the RLYC:

Price in RM
per day  
per week  
per month  
further months  
42 feet Mono  
42 feet Cat

Of course for different sizes you pay different prices. This is just to give you an idea.

Total number of berth: 250 berth of which 6 are for super yachts of up to 240 feet,
draft from 3 to 10meters.


Electricity: single phase and 3 phase, from 32A -415A ; Water Supply; Shower/Toilet Free wireless Internet that covers the whole club and marina. Swimming pool ; 24 hr Security ; Maintenance services ; Laundry ; Fax/Tel services ; Supply of diesel fuel, hotel facility, parcel/post services, sanitation pump out services

Note: All Pets must be on leash at all times inside the Clubs Property and you are not
allowed to do major work on your boat in the marina.

There is a 3 page, 19 point write up with ‘General Conditions of Berthing’…

Caution: Strong tidal cross-ways currents can get up to 4 knots during spring tides. Incoming tide runs N to S and outgoing tide runs from S to N. If possible, it’s wise to enter or exit only during slack water, about one hour after high or low water
(See tide tables on this site).


Facilities at Jeti Pelancongan: Kuah, Bass Harbour

NOT a marina, but a cheaper option for monohulls under 40′, is Jetty Pelancongan,
between RLYC & Kuah Town (behind Mosque). Details at ‘Free Anchorages’ below. 

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