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Tel: +6 04 961 0589
       +6 01 2519 6920

Operating Hours
Daily 7am -11.00pm

Planning to dine in Kuah? If so, you must definitely visit the new LA’PAQ AYAQ CAFÉ! Located at the famous Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, the restaurant is hidden behind ‘Charlie’s Bar & Grill’ and therefore easy to overlook. But the corner location that comes with a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere and a beautiful 270 degrees’ harbor view is hard to beat. And once you experience the great service and get to taste the excellent food, you are likely to find your way back even blindfolded!

Under the command of Chef Zudy who has been cooking for more than two decades for 5* resorts, the kitchen specializes in halal Malay cuisine and Western favorites.

If you stop by for breakfast, order the famous ‘Nasi Lemak’ with a home-made chili paste or enjoy ‘Roti Bakar’ with butter and honey or with a hardboiled egg and cheese sauce, sprinkled with black pepper and oregano. Accompanied by black coffee or the popular local Nanyang white coffee – the perfect meal to start your day!

Planning to come over for lunch or dinner? Try the popular prawn noodle dish, ‘Mee Udang Galah’, the delicious ‘Laksa’ made with fresh fish or indulge in ‘Pulut Mangga’ made of sticky rice, coconut milk & water-lily mango.

The absolute highlight among the local favorites served? The ‘Steamboat Seasplash for Two’! Placed in the center of your table, the hot pot filled with a deliciously seasoned stew simmers throughout your meal while the waiter gradually adds vegetables, tofu, egg dumplings, thinly sliced meat and freshly caught fish, squid, mussels and prawns. While the first two rounds are served with the spicy broth and enjoyed as a soup, the seafood is presented with a traditional, Thai & a green chili sauce that add the signature flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

Lusting after a western meal? Dig into a ‘Crispy Chicken Burger’ with cheese & hickory BBQ sauce served with fries and garden salad drenched in a honey-mustard dressing, indulge in a ‘Cheesy Mushroom Chicken Chop’ or go with the ‘Get Loaded Pizza’ with double meat & cheese.

Whatever you order, make sure you leave some room for a sweet finale! The Raspberry or Honey Melon Fizz Float topped with vanilla ice is sure to be a hit with those who love it super-sweet. If you prefer a western dessert, try the home-made apple pie with strawberry sauce and vanilla cream. Or better yet – order the signature blueberry cheesecake. Light and flavorsome – quite likely the best cake on the entire island!

Planning a private function? Early reservations are highly recommended.

Seating Capacity: 58 guests

Price Range:

Breakfast                 3 – 8 RM
Local Favorites           10 RM
Steamboat for two    100 RM
Western cuisine     11-29 RM
Dessert                  10-14 RM

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