The Langkawi Wildlife Park

by Mark

x The Langkawi Wildlife Park   Get up-close with your feathered and furry friends ! Mark: Living in Langkawi for 7 years – I had not been there. It was known to…


The Langkawi Wildlife Park

Get up-close with your feathered and furry friends !

Mark: Living in Langkawi for 7 years – I had not been there. It was known to me as “Bird Paradise” and as I am not specially drawn to see birds in small cages – I did not go there. What a mistake !:-))

The Bird Paradise changed it’s name in 2006 and became the Langkawi Wildlife Park.

And rightly so. The exhibition area has been widely extended and a lot of beautiful animals have found their living place in this Park. The cages are normally huge – one Bird Cage’ is a huge room where the Visitors can go inside… etc. The contact to the animals is very close and most animals can be fed by hand. It was indeed a special experience for me to feed a big white Kakadu, who picked the little grains in my open hand with so much carefulness that his big peak did not even touch my skin . . .

Shirley: The Langkawi Bird Paradise was officially launched by the Chief Minister of Kedah Y.A.B. Dato’ Seri Syed Razak Syed Zain on 25th December 2002. Today the Wildlife Park is sprawled on 5.5 acres along Jalan Ayer Hangat, about 10-minute drive from Kuah Town.

When it was first opened, there were mainly birds, a few rabbits and mousedeers. I went there two years after they first launched and the place still had limited numbers of creatures in the park. I was surprised to see the additional space, birds, animals and plants they currently have. Now, there are more than 100 species of birds and other animals like ostriches, rheas, parrots , crocodiles, phytons, donkeys, racoons, as well as monkeys. They are some of the rare and beautiful species of birds and animals from all around the world.

 Langkawi Gazette - Croc Wildlife Park Langkawi Gazette - Bearcat Wildlife Park

                                     Langkawi Gazette - Flamingoes Wildlife Park   Langkawi Gazette - Donkey Wildlife Park

Mark: The park is well cared for. Some walls need new painting – yes – and the management is aware of it and on it – an endless task in this very humid or even wet environment. But overall the whole place is very well maintained. The whole park and the animal spaces are full of green plants, so the whole place becomes a very lively environment. One can feel that the management and the staffs really care about their animal guests and the human visitors – which feels pretty good. There are about 20 staffs working full-time cleaning and cooking special food for the animals etc. etc. The whole atmosphere is positive and relaxed, which obviously is the good influence of Teoh, who is the Co-Owner and GM of the park. Teoh is very much concerned with the conservation of Nature and education of people about it. 

Langkawi Gazette - The Green Wildlife Park

The Wildlife Park can really be recommended, to everybody: for singles, couples and families. No one will be bored… and it is re-connection to nature, education and entertainment all in one.

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