Langkawi Beaches

by Mark

The Langkawi Beaches by Sara Lemos    Langkawi Island boasts a world class collection of stunning beaches; filled with shimmering, golden sands to unwind and relax on, as well as emerald…

The Langkawi Beaches

by Sara Lemos

Langkawi Island boasts a world class collection of stunning beaches; filled with shimmering, golden sands to unwind and relax on, as well as emerald waters full of marine wildlife to swim with. Hire yourself a moped or car, grab a map, and go explore Langkawi’s beautiful coastline. Whichever direction you head in – North, South, East or West – you are sure to find a beach worth visiting. It takes less than a day to drive around the entire island so take your pick from the fabulous beaches Langkawi has to offer.

Beringin Beach
Just West of Kuah town, you will find Beringin Beach. A small secluded bay surrounded by breathtaking cliffs, dotted with swaying coconut palm trees.The Beringin Beach Resort is located here and they can organise a range of fun activities and excursions. When the resort is closed, you will often find the beach deserted, leaving you with a quiet piece of paradise to indulge in some relaxation time.

Pantai Tengah
The next couple of beaches are on the South Coast and popular with tourists as there are several resorts and guest houses located nearby. The first beach you will come to is Pantai Tengah or Tengah Beach. This long stretch of beach is relatively quiet, an ideal place to enjoy some peace and tranquillity. The water can be quite shallow during low tide, but great for a paddle. There are several water sports companies offering jet ski and banana boat rides. There is also a great place to eat on the beach called The Lighthouse, as well as other restaurants and cafes on the main road.

Pantai Cenang
Just around the cliff, West of Pantai Tengah, you will find busy Pantai Cenang or ,as most tourists say, Cenang Beach. This long,beautiful stretch of beach is also the liveliest on Langkawi. There are many restaurants and bars all along the beach and in the high season it gets crowded with backpackers and holiday makers alike. It’s developing fast, and long gone are the days where there were only a few hotels and resorts to choose from. If you’re seeking a bit of adventure, there are numerous Jet Ski rides and water sports activities available, from tour operators on the beach to hotel organized trips. If you seek relaxation, then indulge in a massage or facial from one of the nearby SPAs and massage centres.

Pantai Kok
Travelling west from Pantai Cenang, and heading North, will take you to Telega Harbour and Perdana Quay. This fabulous yachting marina is home to a great selection of restaurants and shops. Just around the corner from here you will find the serene and beautiful beach, Pantai Kok. Several scenes for the film Anna and The King were shot on this beach. In bright sunshine, the sand looks almost white and there is an amazing backdrop of ocean, nearby islands and sailing boats. The beach is fringed with forest, great for shade but just watch out for the monkeys!

Pantai Teluk Datai
Travelling East, away from Perdana Quay, there is a road on the left which heads North and ends at Pantai Teluk Datai or Datai Beach. This is an exquisite, private beach and considered to be one of the best on Langkawi.  This is evident by the two luxurious and exclusive resorts with beach access to this treasure chest of delights. The water is crystal clear and excellent for swimming and snorkelling,with tropical fish as your companions! The white sandy beach is surrounded with luscious, green rainforest, richwith wildlife from mischievous monkeys to elegant hornbills.

Pebble Beach
There are a couple of lovely, quiet little bays on the way back from Datai Beach. The first one you come to is Pebble Beach. Rocks and pebbles cover most of the beach, hence its name. But there are a few secluded sandy areas with some shade from the nearby forest.

PantaiPasirTengkorak – Sandy Skull Beach
This lovely little beach is perfect for a day away from the crowds of tourists on the Southern beaches. It’s secluded and clean, you will only see a few locals on the beach and perhaps a monkey or two. Relax on soft, golden sand and take a dip in the warm, crystal clear waters. It’s a tiny slice of heaven.

Pantai Pasir Hitam – Black Sand Beach
Fringed along the North coast of Langkawi, you will find Black Sand Beach. Whilst the sand is not pitch black, the dark mineral content from the nearby hot springs gives it a darkened appearance. There are several shaded spots to stop along the way and enjoy a picnic whilst gazing at the small islands in the distance.

Tanjung Rhu Beach
On the North tip of Langkawi, Tanjung Rhu beach bends along the coastline past the Four Seasons resort, and towards a backdrop of majestic rock formations and emerald green ocean. There are a few small shops selling clothing and batiks as well as several cheap, local restaurants offering delicious Malay dishes. Boat companies near the beach can organise trips around the small islands nearby as well as guided tours of the Kilim National Park.

These are just some of the amazing beaches on Langkawi to visit. There are plenty more coves and bays tucked away, so go explore! You will be amazed at the hidden gems you’ll find.


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