Langkawi Bookkeeping

by Mark

Need an experienced accountant?

Langkawi Bookkeeping Services

has opened up shop for business.

The person behind this service, is INA (Jarina Inajo ) who is doing the bookkeeping for the Langkawi Gazette since several years already.

Ina speaks enough English to understand you very well, knows what is needed and wanted in this sector and ‘how it is done’. She is very reliable and trustworthy, has 15 years of experience and is not too expensive.

I personally worked for several months in the same office beside her – and I got to now her as a strong, efficent and practical woman with good grasp. I recommend her.


Jarina Inajo
Ina’s personal email:
Personal No:               012 403 8709
Business email: 
Business No:               017 571 2306

Face Book: Langkawi Bookkeeping Services


Why would you choose to have an external bookkeeper?

Outsourcing your company’s bookkeeping to an efficient professional can spare you troubles with employees, operating costs and management time.

You as the business owner will not loose control – in the contrary: you’ll get accurate, timely reports reflecting your business activities so you can make decisions that will keep your business moving forward.

We’ll be glad to give you a competitive quote that fits within your budget.

We’re here to help you.


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