Langkawi: Death by jellyfish

by Mark

Mark: 2 Febr. 2010 / Source: ‘The Local’

In January a 45 year old Woman from Sweden died on the coast of Pantai Cenang through the sting of a jellyfish.

She lost consciousnes within a few seconds and could not be revived despite all efforts of the rescue team.

How could this have been prevented?

The woman went for an evening swim – when it is hard to see what is in the water. Jellyfishes are anyway difficult to see, as they are transparent. But the fact that they move and that they swim very often close to the surface (and therefor reflect the light) – makes it possible to detect them during the day.

One has to be able to see what is in the water, what surprises nature presents, specially if one goes for a swim at place where there are no other swimmers already present.

Most jellyfishes around Langkawi are pretty harmless – and I can not remember having heard about a similar case for a long time. So there is no reason for panic. 

Just use this knowledge and your common sense. And if you can, check out the waters first with Polaroid sunglasses…..


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