Langkawi International Fishing Tournament 2009

by Mark

Shirley, 5 October 2009

This year’s Langkawi International Fishing Tournament will be held starting Nov 12 for three days in Tukun Perak Island. Currently, twenty teams from Thailand, Singapore, India and Malaysia have confirmed their participation.


Suziana Wan Othman, Langkawi Tourism Action Council facilities and services manager said that there are four teams that represented Thailand, two from Singapore, one from India while the rest of about 120 participants came from Malaysia.

Located at about 96 nautical miles off Langkawi is Tukun Perak Island, which is identified to be the venue for the competition because the water there houses various species of huge fish.

The first-prize winner stands to win RM10,000 in cash, the first runner-up will receive RM7,000 and the second runner-up will RM5,000.

For the individual category, the winner will win a cash prize of RM5,000, the first runner-up will receive RM3,000 and the second runner-up will receive RM2,000.

For more information, please contact the council on 04 969 8080 or fax on 04 969 8081.

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