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Langkawi Life June 2012

An Eco-Walk through the Frangipani Resort

By Teviot Fairservis

Some remarkable things happen when you look for ways to interact in mutually beneficial ways with Mother Nature. Take an “eco-walk” through the Frangipani Resort and you’ll see what I mean. You will find yourself surrounded by beauty and feel a sense of harmony, delight, even happiness. Thanks to the Langkawi Ladybirds, I was able to join a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the property led by their knowledgeable young environmental officer, Ms. Ai Ling.

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Langkawi Life March 2012

Teviot - Earth Day 2012 - Langkawi GazetteEARTH HOUR –

Saturday, March 31st 8:30 PM

By Teviot Fairservis

How much energy do you use up in one day? Think about the energy you use just to eat – the electricity for your fridge, the gas for your stove, the fuel you use to drive to a shop or head to a restaurant for your food. What about all the ‘hidden costs’ that went into the processing and the packaging wrapped around your food, and the plastic bag you carried it home in? What’s your footprint on this planet?

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Langkawi Life February 2012

A Three-Day Getaway to Langkawi

By Teviot Fairservis

Figure 1 Photo: Arifuddin Rahmad. View of the island from the Tower at Gunung Raya.

A relative or friend calls, texts, or emails – they are coming to Langkawi! And they only have a few days free to get away for a much-needed holiday. Where will you go? How will you keep your family or friend feeling happy and satisfied? The senior folks say they want to sample foreign cuisines, mothers want to go shopping, the teens would enjoy a jungle or boating adventure, the dads want to hit the golf course while everyone says they want to have some time to hang out at the beach. Where can you go that will please everyone of all ages? Malaysia’s northernmost island chain, Langkawi, has it all within an hour’s drive maximum.

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Christmas in LangkawiCHRISTMAS IN ASIA

Langkawi Life – December 2011
by Teviot Fairservis

There's the religious holiday and then there's the secular celebration –

Christmas is a multicultural holiday!


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Langkawi Life – November 2011
by Teviot Fairservis

Imagine you are a child and tomorrow is the first day of school. You were born on the island of Langkawi and are growing up in a small village surrounded by jungle far from a main road. Your home may have no windows, no electricity, only a shack out back for a toilet. You are excited because now you are old enough to go to school but your mother says she does not have the money to buy two uniforms. So your twin brother gets to go to school on the first day. You will get to wear the uniform tomorrow and your brother will stay home that day to help your mother.



Langkawi Life – October 2011
by Teviot Fairservis

“Eighty cats and forty dogs,” says Dr. Jen, lifting a sleek calico patterned cat from a plastic carrier. “That’s how many we are sheltering right now.” I exclaim, “What a beautiful cat!” Dr. Jen says, “You want him? He’s a stray that was just brought in. Or there’s a new batch of kittens that were thrown in a box and dumped behind a building. Someone found them and brought them to us.”

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