Langkawi Orchid Farm

by Mark



3 km from KUAH

Tel: +6 012 – 470 0082
+6 012 – 508 5838


Located next to the Thai temple WatKoh Wanararm on the outskirts of Kuah, Langkawi Orchid Farm is the largest in north Malaysia – showcasing more than 1,000 species.

Exploring the three acres farm, you will discover the delightful Dendrobiums, often used to decorate dining tables, and come across the ‘Dancing Lady’ – an Oncidium hybrid sought-after by collectors for its resemblance with a ballerina with a yellow skirt.

The farm showcases also some very rare species: Reaching up to 2.5 meters when fully grown, the Tiger Orchid is the world’s largest. The giant clusters of yellow colored flowers with maroon spots come into bloom only every two to four years. But once they flower, the sight is mesmerizing! Native to the mangroves of Papua New Guinea, the Antelope Orchid will catch your attention with their upright twisted petals that resemble horns. And if you look closely, you can admire the beauty of the world’s smallest orchid whose delicate flower is only 2 mm wide from petal tip to petal tip.

Provided, the passionate farm’s owner, Daniel, is present, you may get lucky and enjoy a guided tour. But even if you walk around on your own, the delicate shapes, fascinating colors and the divine scent of the orchids are sure to make your stroll a memorable one. Especially if you come in the late afternoon and enjoy afterward a soft drink or a cold beer, a cold beer, tea or coffee in the farm’s newly built air-conditioned café while waiting for the spectacular sunset.

There is a special overnight package for school children. Staying in tents on the premises of the Langkawi Orchid Farm, the kids will love the nature-camp experience, while learning not only about orchids but also about natural farming, rain water collection, compost making and the breeding of fish that inhabit a small pond on the farm’s grounds. You also have the opportunity to utilize the Orchid Farm’s café as a venue for private or corporate functions. For rates, kindly contact the owner.

Operating Hours

Daily, 10am – 6pm

Entrance Fee

Child RM   6
Adult RM 10


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