Langkawi: Ramadan Bazaar in Kuah

by Mark

Shirley, 8 September 2009

This year, the Ramadan Bazaar in Kuah lasts from 22 August to 19 September. It can be found at the big space behind the Water Garden Hawker Centre, just a stone throw away from the Langkawi Baron. There you can find about twice as many food sellers and food selections than at the usual night markets – and the prices are very cheap.

You can find about 90 photos here which Shirley took at the Kuah Ramadan Bazaar in the last few days. There is a description of the food and other things which shows up under your mouse cursor when you hover over the pictures. Enjoy!


There are about 80 different types of food. Some are prepared the Nyonya style, some Indonesian Kuih Raya - Langkawi Gazettestyle and some include a fusion with Thai flavours, but most are truly authentic Malay delicacies.

The vendors start selling as early as 4pm till the food is finished or until shortly after sunset. The marketplace normally gets crowded after 6pm as this is the time when people finish working and before the Muslims break their fast at sunset.

You can also find “Kuih Raya”, sweet treats that are offered as gifts during “Hari Raya Aidilfitri” (Day of Celebration).

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