Langkawi: Yachting Laws

by Mark

Bob: 10 Nov. 2009

Confusion with some Yachting Laws

In recent weeks the Langkawi Gazette has been asked questions by readers, which would seem to indicate there is some confusion with laws for yachts.

With high season starting this month and hundreds of cruising yachts about to arrive
in Langkawi, now is a good time to address these questions which were clarified today by the head of Immigration Headquarters at Telaga Harbour.

Here are the points that were discussed:


1. After checking in at the first port of call in Malaysia the captain of a yacht will be given an Immigration Clearance form for presenting to the Immigration office at the next port, together with a crew list. When arriving at the next port a new Immigration Clearance will be supplied for the next port and the same procedure will continue for all ports that are visited. (Note: This is NOT a new law. But in the past it hasn’t been policed). Passports will be stamped only upon checking IN & OUT from Malaysia.

2. The old procedure of stamping passports upon arrival with a “Port Pass”, which restricted the movements of crew to the boundaries of a port has been discontinued.

Once stamped into Malaysia you have total freedom of movement within the country by any mode of transport, but the above procedure of clearances applies when travelling by yacht. 

3. Visiting vessels that are registered as “Commercial” or “Passenger Craft” are required to have a registered shipping agent to attend to checking IN & OUT.

We trust the above answers those queries and invite you to contact Bob McKean, editor of the Marine Guide at the Langkawi Gazette if you have any further questions. 

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