Langkawi’s Children Drawing Competition

by Mark

Mark, 5. 08.09

161 children came to the
Kelab Amal Wanita Langkawi
Childrens Drawing Competition
on the 1st of August in the Langkawi Fair.

The standard of work submitted at the end of the competition was extraordinary, especially from the older group who were expected to draw and colour their own Merdeka theme. – There were 3 winners (and 3 consolation prizes) in each of the 3 categories. The winners names are as follows:

Category A (ages 5 & 6)
1st – Rebecca Ong Ching En; 2nd – Khoo Ee Lynn & 3rd Muhammad Naufal.
Category B (ages 7-9)
1st – Ivorna Ooi Shee Sien; 2nd Ng Chi Sern & 3rd Gigi Ng Yueh Chee;
Category C (ages 10-12)
1st – Lee Chee Han; 2nd Chiang Chai Yee & 3rd Teah Xin Yin.
The winning pictures will soon be on show at Langkawi Fair, for a short period of time, and the remaining pictures can be collected from the office at Langkawi Fair. We also offer our heartfelt thanks to all the local businesses that sponsored our prizes, the stall holders who kindly donated a percentage of their days takings and all the local people who brought their families and friends along to enjoy the competition, entertainment and who purchased items from the stalls.

With successful events such as this the Kelab Amal Wanita Langkawi can build up it’s Snoezelen Fund for Langkawi General Hospital. 








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