LEISURELY DAY ON THE SEA with Tropical Charters in Langkawi

by Mark


Advertorial by Kamila Delart

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Driving along the coastline with breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea, I realize that it has been ages since I indulged in a marine adventure. And that despite living on this beautiful island! If other people can fly across the globe to explore our magical archipelago, surely I should be able to set a day aside! Before my ‘internal boss’ interferes, reminding me of all the assignments I should be working on, I reach for my cell phone and arrange a Day Cruise with TROPICAL CHARTERS. The best idea I had in the last few months!

Boarding the Seasation a few days later, I marvel at how spacious the twin deck catamaran is. There is a lower deck with colorful Thai – triangle mats that lure to sunbathing, and when I climb the stairs I discover a huge shaded area with upholstered benches along the railing and two huge loungers in the very middle. The perfect spot to sprawl out and enjoy the view!

Sipping a refreshing pineapple juice and savoring the delightful breeze, I lean back. And although I anticipated that it will take me some time to get out of my ‘work-mode’, only a few moments later, I feel entirely relaxed.  

It may have something to do with the music: a great mix of old-time favorites and latest hits, lovely chill-out tunes… I immediately feel like on holidays! And then there is the dreamlike vista!  Reflecting the morning sun, the sea shimmers in a tranquil emerald green, calming the senses…

  The sun wanders across the sky and the air slowly swells with tropical heat. As if reading our minds, the crew spans a robust net on the back of the catamaran, inviting us to enjoy a refreshing dip in a ‘salt-water Jacuzzi.’ The cool water streams through the grid of the sailor ropes, creating indeed a gentle whirlpool effect, and I close for a moment my eyes, savoring the delightful massage. Sipping chilled beers, a group of guys from the UK starts cracking jokes, and before I know it, we are all in a fun conversation. 

The sun barely manages to dry off our skin, and the lunch is served: freshly grilled fish, prawns, satay sticks and chicken with spicy sauces and a wide variety of local and Western salads. Yummy! 

Now it’s time for some adventure! Depending on  tides and the general sea condition, the Seasation steers towards the best accessible island for a leisurely layover. Today, we are heading towards Pulau Beras Basah, the ‘Wet Rice Island’ that got its name centuries ago when a rice-loaded boat stranded on its shores after a violent storm.

Until today a refuge for local fishermen when the sea gets a little rough, the mountainous island with white sandy beach is truly idyllic.

The British guys jump into kayaks to explore the coastline. An older couple from Australia, excited about the crystal clear turquoise water, cannot wait to go snorkeling. A group of girls from Finland stretches out on the warm powdery sand, letting the warm sunrays color their fair Nordic skin with a golden hue. As for me – I like to explore, and so stroll along the shore…  

I collect colorful sea shells and watch tiny hermit crabs frantically running in the sand until I reach the very end of the powdery beach. The tide is low, revealing in the remote part of the bay a uniquely layered subfloor made of black stone. 

The rocky surface is really unusual, resembling a filo-pastry. I cannot help but wonder about the natural forces that shaped it that way, promising myself to find out more as soon as I am back on the main island!

There are some spots that seem to be adorned with sacred symbols, left behind by some ancient civilization. And although there is no history that would back up this theory, I wonder whether the first generations of Malay people who arrived in the archipelago, or maybe some sailors who came to explore the area some sanctuaries ago, may have had similar thoughts – trying to resolve the enigma…  


Back on the catamaran, I indulge in the signature ‘Chi-Chi’ Cocktail with a tropical flavor of pineapple and coconut, blended with vodka, and enjoy the magnificent scenery that unfolds as our boat steers back towards the harbor: stunning limestone rocks rising on a steep angle from the emerald green sea, deserted tiny islands overgrown with a dense jungle, pristine sandy beaches… No matter how often I have seen it before, the breathtaking views never fail to amaze me. Sooo much beauty in one single spot of the earth! Coupled with the easy-going cruise atmosphere of TROPICAL CHARTERS, the best day I had in a long time… 



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