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Marinas: RLYC Telalaga Harbour Rebak
Moorings: Kuah - Hole In The Wall - Telaga
Anchorages: Kuah - Telaga

To clear in, there's a choice of two locations. #1. 'Jetty Point' on the SE side of the island, beside the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, or  #2. Telaga Marina, on the NW side, which is part of the Telaga Harbour Park complex. (See full details in "Clearing In and Out"). At  both locations there's also the possibility of taking a mooring or free anchoring. Firstly, here's a summary of the three marinas in Langkawi, followed by details on moorings and anchorages.

Marina Pros and Cons:

RLYC (Royal Langkawi Yacht Club)
Pros Near to Kuah shopping facilities. Fuel dock for diesel only. WIFI.
Cons Despite a new sea wall, there is still some swell from ferries.
Pros Nice open scenery. Choice of several restaurants.
Diesel & petrol at fuel dock and also at Petronas Service Station.
Customs, Immigration, Harbour Dept on site for check IN/OUT.
Cons Very limited shopping facilities - only for daily use.
No public transport. You need to hire car or taxi for provisioning.
REBAK Marina
Pros Pleasant surroundings. Very quiet. Use of pool & choice of restaurants.The only marina with haulout/hardstand. Some chandlery on site.
Cons No diesel or petrol. No shops. Need to use free ferry for 15 minute ride to
Lankasuka jetty, then hire car or taxi for provisioning in Kuah or Padang Matsirat.


clubIn the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club
(click above for website & more details)
Latitude 6.18.2' N
Longitude 99. 51.1' E
VHF Channel 69
Call sign: "Royal Langkawi Yacht Club".

Tel. + (6)04 966 4078
Fax + (6)04 966 5078


Sample of berthing fees in the RLYC:

Price in RM
per day  
per week  
per month  
further months  
42 feet Mono  
42 feet Cat

Of course for different sizes you pay different prices. This is just to give you an idea.

Total number of berth: 250 berth of which 6 are for super yachts of up to 240 feet,
draft from 3 to 10meters.


Electricity: single phase and 3 phase, from 32A -415A ; Water Supply; Shower/Toilet Free wireless Internet that covers the whole club and marina. Swimming pool ; 24 hr Security ; Maintenance services ; Laundry ; Fax/Tel services ; Supply of diesel fuel, hotel facility, parcel/post services, sanitation pump out services

Note: All Pets must be on leash at all times inside the Clubs Property and you are not
allowed to do major work on your boat in the marina.

There is a 3 page, 19 point write up with 'General Conditions of Berthing'...

Caution: Strong tidal cross-ways currents can get up to 4 knots during spring tides. Incoming tide runs N to S and outgoing tide runs from S to N. If possible, it's wise to enter or exit only during slack water, about one hour after high or low water
(See tide tables on this site).


Facilities at Jeti Pelancongan: Kuah, Bass Harbour

NOT a marina, but a cheaper option for monohulls under 40', is Jetty Pelancongan,
between RLYC & Kuah Town (behind Mosque). Details at 'Free Anchorages' below. 

Rebak Marina

(click above for website & more details)
Location: Lat: 06.17.6  N
Long: 99. 41.7 E

VHF Ch 69.

Call sign - 'Rebak Marina"

The marina and resort is located on its own island,
and the hardstand, wrapped around
the lagoon, is relaxed and quiet, with adjacent toilets, showers and cruiser restaurant, the Hard Dock Cafe. The community of sailors is close-knit and welcoming.

Facilities: - Laundry, shower/toilet. General store for some daily needs.
Propane gas filling, Storage compartments for rent. Fax & e-mail services
Deluxe class resort with 82 rooms. All day dining restaurant facing the water.
Bar and Lounge. Private beach. Pool bar and swimming pool.  Gymnasium

Ferry: As Rebak is situated on an island, about 2 km off the Langkawi main island, it is necessary to take the 10 minute free ferry ride to Lankasuka Jetty. There you can hire a car or taxi to do provisioning in either Padang Matsirat (8km) or Kuah Town (23km).

Time table: Rebak to Langkasuka: 0730, 0845, 0940, 1100, 1330, 1530, 1730, 2130
                    Langkasuka to Rebak: 0815, 0915, 1015, 1230, 1430, 1815, 2030, 2230

Contact details:  or
Mazrizal Othman, Marina Manager, Rebak Island Resort - A Taj Hotel, P.O Box 125, Kuah, 07000, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia, Tel : +604 9665566, Fax : +604 9669973

Telaga Harbour Marina
(click above for website & more detaIls)
Latitude 6. 21.53' N
Longitude 99. 40.96' E
VHF Channel 69 (then change to 72)
Call sign: "Telaga Harbour".

Tel: + (6) 04 959 2202
Marina Manager H/P: (6) 012 - 297 9195
Fax + (6) 04 959 2204


Sample of  berthing fees in TELAGA:

 Price   in RM  per day   per week   per month  If 3 mths in advance
42 feet Mono  51   326  1226   Discount 10%
42 feet Cat If there's space on the main pontoon, then Cats are charged the same as
for mono hulls. But cats in a finger berth are charged 1.4 times the mono
price as below.
    71.40   456.40   1716.40   Discount 10%
  If you have a cat and are on a budget - it might be worth while to first
enquire if they have the space to charge your cat like a mono (and for  how long...)This may make the difference of about RM500 per month.


Electricity supply metered, single phase, 3 phase, from 32A to 100A ; Free water;
Wireless Internet that covers the whole marina ; Hot shower/Toilet ; Tel/Fax :
Supply of diesel and petrol. Several restaurants on site. Small general stores.

"Hole In The Wall" Moorings:


North East coast of Langkawi island.

Office: + (6)04-9675301   Fax: + (6) 04-9675302

(Owner & Operations Mgr) Rahmad 012-5620015

General Location: Langkawi Geopark in Kilim Mangrove Forest

By Boat: Position of entrance: Lat: 06.25'40"  Long: 99.52'08" then continue for approx 1/2 mile to river arm on right. Anchor and proceed by dinghy to Floating Restaurant and speak to Rahmad for directions to your mooring. Staff will assist with mooring.

By Road: 8km from Kuah, on way to Tanjung Rhu. Turn right at Kilim Jetty sign, go 400 mtrs to Jetty.  Ask for Rahmad's free shuttle boat. Leaves at only 1230 & 1730 daily. 

Mooring Fees: RM300 per month, payable in advance. (Long term preferred).

Services: Free water, in limited supply to 'mooring' customers. Others (small charge).
Low price on beers to 'mooring' customers. Internet at half hour rate if have own laptop.
Free transport for cutomers to/from Kalim Jetty at set times. Travel agency information.
Extra services available: Boat cleaning (Exterior and underwater only). Periodic general maintenance, (engine run etc), security and boat watch. One restaurant.  No shops.


Telaga Harbour Moorings:           

Latitude 6. 21.53' N
Longitude 99. 40.96' E     

VHF Channel 69 (then change to 72)
Call sign: "Telaga Harbour".

Tel: + (6) 04 959 2202
Marina Manager H/P: (6) 012 297 9195.
Fax + (6) 04 959 2204


Mooring charges within Telaga Harbour marina basin for both monos & catamarans.

Up to 12 meters LOA.... RM542 p/mth       Over 12 meters LOA....RM677 p/mth.

Mooring fees include: FREE... Dinghy landing, unlimited water by jerry can, hot showers and toilets, WIFI connection, rubbish disposal, yachties lounge with TV and books. 

Bass Harbour: In front of Kuah Town

If you choose this option - which many yachts do - be aware of two things:

The anchor ground is not ideal. There are patches where your anchor will not hold in gusts over 20 knots, which can occur at any time from May to November.

Do not anchor too near to the ferries. They do occasionally drag or break loose from their mooring and damage other boats. For RM8 p/day you can land your dinghy at Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, where use of showers/ toilet costs an extra RM5 per day .

Those wanting WIFI facilities out in the Bay (Bass Harbour) will also have to pay RM35 per month to RLYC. The connection does not work in the whole bay. Check first!

Free Anchorage:  Outside Telaga Harbour

Situated in a protected bay behind two telaga anchor
sand islands with clean water and beach.
From there you can go about 300mtrs by
dinghy to Telaga Marina.  A landing fee
of RM5 p/day or RM20 p/week includes
hot showers & toilets, (free if in Marina)
plus rubbish disposal & yachties lounge
with TV and books. WIFI: RM5 per day,
RM18 per week or RM30 per month,
(free, if berthed in the Marina).

Facilities at Jeti Pelancongan: Bass Harbour, Kuah (Not Free)

You can also tie up your dinghy at the small ferry jetty (Jeti Pelancongan) on the blue coloured floating pontoon. This new complex is situated in Bass Harbour, immediately behind the Mosque, midway between Kuah Town and Jetty Point ferry terminal (RLYC).

 Dinghy fees are RM3 p/day, or RM20 p/wk, or RM60 p/mth. Pay in the office upstairs 
If you pay weekly or monthly you can use toilet and showers.

Storage: is available on site, in secure lockable, separate vacant shop units,  on long/short term. See manager, office upstairs, mornings only. Tel: 04-969 8300 Fax: 04-969 8302

This is NOT a fully equipped marina, but
for monohulls under 36 ft, there's some-
times a berth available in one of the 8
fingers for RM400 per month. There is
no electricity and water is available only
by a single hose. Note: NO SEA WALL.
These berths are affected by swell
and waves, particularly May to Nov.



NOTE:  Due to closeness of shore-based facilities, the anchorages above are usually
well populated with cruising yachts. There are also many remote anchorages around
Langkawi to choose from, such as the protected 'all-weather' area in the SE known as
the Fjords and Tanjung Rhu in the North, plus "Hole in the Wall" in the NE and others. 

For full details click Langkawi in the SE Asia map below. This will take you to a new map
and a list of 14 of the best anchorages. When each numbered anchorage is clicked,
details are given of Lat/Long, depths, plus "best months to be there" and any dangers. 

Click on the Map below to find 14 good Anchorages around Langkawi


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