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By Kamila Delart

A tropical paradise with fertile land, a year-round sunshine and just the right amount of rain, Langkawi is home to rare medicinal plants whose fame has meanwhile spread far beyond the boarders of Malaysia – finding raving fans in Australia, Europe and even on the distant continent of America.

Due to no small part thanks to PAUL PENDERS, a European entrepreneur who settled in Langkawi some 12 years ago – enthusiastically embarking on a discovery journey of long-forgotten local remedies and barely known indigenous plants with amazing beautifying properties.

Such as Pegaga! One of the main ingredients that elevated four of Paul’s cosmetic products among the winners at the ‘BEAUTY WITH A CONSCIENCE AWARDS’, a prestigious annual event held in United States to honour natural beauty products of exceptional quality.

Thriving in Langkawi’s wetlands and commonly known as ‘Asiatic Pennywort’, the aquatic plant Pegaga delivers some truly extraordinary benefits!

Incorporated in facial care and body lotions, it is the secret weapon against a variety of eczemas and one of the most effective natural remedies in the treatment of psoriasis. Added in a shampoo formula, it deeply cleanses one’s scalp, preventing itching and significantly reducing dandruff.

                                                                    PEGAGA / CENTELLA ASIATICA

But Pegaga, virgin coconut oil or hibiscus are only a few of the ‘miracle ingredients’ that make up ‘levensESSENTIE Gold’, the signature formula of Paul’s unique products.

Dedication to fair-trade practices, a strict no-animal-testing policy and recipes that stay away from harmful (by other companies commonly used) preservatives played an equally important role when the jury of the ‘Natural Solutions Magazine’ compared hundreds of formulas from all over the world to select the very best organic products available!

That a small company run by a ‘Langkawian’ was honoured with FOUR AWARDS it’s certainly a reason to celebrate. Especially as the accolades not only contribute to spreading the word about his wonderful products but effectively put into spotlight our beautiful island! Just what we need while waiting for the tourism in Langkawi to pick-up again!!

Another highlight for Langkawians?! When looking for halal-certified organic products, you don’t have to go far then a selected range of Paul Penders products is available at Joe’s Pharmacy and at the LICOF store (Lgk Inclusive Community Outreach Foundation) located in Oriental Village.

A tourist? If you choose to spend your holidays at The Ocean Residence & Spa, a boutique resort Paul runs together with his Malay wife Laila

you can select upon check-in one of his products as your welcome gift and get to experience the benefits of Paul Penders herbal formulas throughout your stay while enjoying his all-natural bathroom amenities

For more information about the Paul Penders cosmetics, please visit: If currently not in Langkawi and eager to try some of his products, you will be delighted to learn that they are available at selected pharmacies & natural health stores in Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru, Singapore as well as in numerous countries spread across four continents.



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