MY FRENCH FACTORY – Langkawi by Kamila Delart

by Mark



Tel: +6 013-5918470

Operating Hours: 11 am – 11 pm, except on Friday

Having established a reputation of a ‘must-visit dining outlet’, the charming ‘crêperie’ brings to Langkawi a little taste of Paris. 

Nearly as iconic as the Eiffel Tower, the thin pancakes are celebrated throughout France with their very own ‘National Crêpe Day’! A sentiment you will understand the moment you taste Soumia’s and Vincent’s heavenly creations!

Passionate about serving crêpes just as delicious as those sold in Brittany, the place of their origin, the French couple attended a traditional Crêpe School and although it’s a little costly to get the ingredients the original recipe calls for, they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Made of finest wheat flour or organic buckwheat for savory crêpes, the semi-liquid butter with a few secret ingredients is poured on a heated circular ‘bilig’ and evenly spread with a wooden ‘rozell’ to make the pancakes as thin as possible. It’s quite an art to get it right and with an open-concept cooking station a great fun to watch!

But the best part is choosing among the many delicious toppings! If you are looking for a quick afternoon snack, go for the French favorite with grilled chicken breast or smoked beef accompanied by egg and cheese, or try the one with mushrooms, onions and homemade tomato sauce. Craving some sweet indulgence? How about caramel with roasted almonds, bananas with nutella and fresh coconut, or the traditional filling of poached pears with homemade chocolate. Whether a desert after your dinner or a guilty pleasure as you walk by, when the delicious crêpes melt on your tongue, worrying about your waistline will be the last thing on your mind.

Eager to please their customers, the couple recently added made-to-order waffles and fresh sandwiches with salad, pickles, boiled eggs and tuna or chicken to choose from. Being a pastry chef, Soumia also likes to surprise her guests with a traditional pear & almond pie, tiramisu with raspberries or Choux à la crème – a puff pastry with the legendary shuu filling. Best accompanied by a home-made hot chocolate or with the signature ‘pink lemonade’ made of freshly squeezed lemon and the French monin syrup.

Whether you chose to take a seat on one of the bistro chairs and enjoy your meal while listening to French classics, or decide to savor your crêpe while walking on the beach, My French Factory is a must try when on holidays in Langkawi!

Seating Capacity: 16 guests

Crepes 7 – 20 RM
Pies 10 – 12 RM
Sandwiches 8 RM

Set brunch menu and Happy Hour specials available.

If planning a private party, enquire about on-site catering. A live crêpe station is sure to be a hit among your guests!




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