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A great new charter boat for Langkawi –
the unique


2 days ago the NAGA PELANGI sailed into the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club for the first time.

As she was tied up along the quay she had to be pushed out in the water again a bit, to get some space to lower the fenders. So three men and myself were pushing her out with their shoulders –  and I could feel how slowly she reacted, moving just a few mm and then cm …

“How heavy is the thing?” – “70 tons” I was told….

Then Christoph, the German captain and owner, welcomed me on board – and from then on I am not accountable anymore. Don’t expect any sane reasoning here – as my boat-love syndrome overwhelmed me …

Just the pure mass of the natural materials intelligently used and put into shape, Hardwood and Teak, puts a solidity under your feet and in your hands – that feels very special. You know this is history – centuries of boat building in the making. And this boat is made to last – probably for a few hundred years to come. You are instantly at home on her.

The boat is the first boat since 40 years to be built in the very special Malaysian Boat Building Tradition: The planks of Chengal (Hardwood) are bent in fire – then put together with ironwood dowels and caulked with tree-bark.  All this is done without the frames, The frames are inserted afterwards…

This technique exists only in the traditional Malay Boat Building and nowhere else in the world.

To better understand this, have a look at the blog with pictures here. (The website given in this blog does not work – at the moment (we are on it) – and other contact details might also be outdated.)

When the boat was finally secured at the quay – Christoph looked at her and noticed that two of the ropes used were green instead of white, like the others. “Please replace these ropes”, he ordered. “That doesn’t look good”.

I laughed. Here was a man with the eye for every detail of his beloved boat. He had indeed accomplished his big ‘crazy dream’. A remarkable guy. It needs quite some determination and sacrifice to achieve the successful completion of such a project. I was impressed.

And here you find a lot more pictures. Beside a lot of ‘official pictures’ you will also find some interesting detail pics – as I did of course shoot whatever I could….

The boat will stay in Langkawi and will be used as a charter boat.

Gerd from Blue Water Star Sailing will be her agent.

If you would like to experience this boat for yourself – please contact him here:


Dr. Gerd B. Zimmermann,
Managing Director
Mobile: (0060)13-407 3166

Royal Langkawi Yacht Club
Jln. Dato Syed Omar,
07000 Kuah, Langkawi,
Kedah Darul Aman,

Tel: +6013-407 3166
Fax: +604-966 4858

Website see here


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