Otak-Otak – Traditional Malaysian Fish Mousse

by Mark

Otak-Otak – Traditional Malaysian Fish Mousse

Preparation time: 80 minutes.
Actual cooking time: 20 minutes.

Tip from the chef: Turmeric is vital to this traditional Malaysian dish, Daun kadok can be substituted with basil leaves. Remark’ This dish can also be served on coconut leaves.

For the stuffing Ingredients:

500 gram red snapper sliced skinless
500 gram mackerel sliced skinless
Method: Mince both fish in the mincer three times.
Then transfer to a bowl and keep it on ice.

Otak Otak marinade Ingredients:

50 gram lemongrass sliced
30 gram ginger sliced
50 gram shallots sliced
20 gram galangal sliced
50 gram turmeric root sliced
10 pc lime leaves chopped
10 pc daun kadok leaves chopped fine
5 pc whole eggs
50 mil coconut cream
Seasoning with salt and sugar


In a food Processor, blend the lemongrass ginger, shallots, galangai and turmeric root’ until it becomes a paste. Combine lime leaves, kadok leaves, fish farce, eggs and coconut cream and adjust the seasoning with salt and sugar. Place the stuffing into small banana leaf boats. Then either steam or grill the otak otak. Steam it at 150° C or six minutes on the grill respectively.

For the coconut cream sauce Ingredients:

100 ml coconut cream
20 gram corn flour
40 ml water
20 gram turmeric powder
Seasoning with salt and sugar.


Boil the water and the seasoning. Add the coconut cream and simmer for a while. Combine the corn flour and the turmeric with some water and mix well. Add the corn flour mix and thicken the sauce by simmering for one minute. Adjust the seasoning and top up the otak otak with some of the coconut sauce.

Garnish Ingredients:

1 pc red chilli star 1 pc lime star
coconut milk
turmeric roots


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