OVN – Restaurant at Pantai Tengah Langkawi

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Tel: +6 016-586 6689
Email: nadirestaurantgroup@gmail.com
Operating Hours: daily 3pm -11.00pm

A foodie? If so, the recent opening of OVN (pronounced simply as “Oven”) is sure to get you excited! Named after its wood-fire oven that lends to steaks, fish and pizza a delightful smoky flavor, the restaurant is situated at Villa Molek in Pantai Tengah, away from the hustle and bustle of neighboring Cenang and yet close enough for you to walk over. Should you be coming from elsewhere, the new highway along with a parking lot just in front of Ovn make for a relaxed arrival experience.

An elevated outdoor patio shielded by tropical plants and fragrant frangipani trees boasts candlelit tables for a romantic couple’s experience as well as four-seaters perfect for a dinner with family and friends.

With numerous wide-open sliding panels, the tropical feel of the outdoors extends to the interior that lures with comfortable rattan chairs, pillows in pastel hues and ambient lighting. Coupled with a background music that varies in genre to fit the changing mood throughout the day – the perfect setting for an extraordinary dining experience.

A foodie himself, the widely-traveled Malaysian owner explored over the years the culinary scene around the globe, making sure reservations for the most remarkable dining outlets were in place long before he reached the destination. And while opening his own restaurant was not something he planned at that time, whenever he came across a unique flavor, he couldn’t resist enquiring about the ingredients.

Not surprisingly, his passion for delicious food defines the culinary concept of his new restaurant. Aware that a great dining experience starts in the kitchen, he wooed away the Executive Chef from St. Regis who has been working for the last 20 years at 5* properties around the world A great believer in utilizing only the best ingredients, he works together with local suppliers to get fresh produce, insists on using chilled instead of frozen meat to make sure his steaks are truly juicy, the salmon is smoked and herbs grown in-house, his chips are hand-cut and a day trip to KL just to get buns with black sesame seeds or a gourmet sea salt is not uncommon.

Equal attention is paid to presentation. Whether served on a slate platter, a wooden board or in a blue bowl, the beautifully garnished dishes will delight your eyes as much as your taste buds.

Worried that you may need to dress up and break the bank to enjoy a dinner at Ovn? Your assumption couldn’t be further from the truth! While serving cuisine that can easily compete with a fine-dining restaurant, the owner is all about a relaxed atmosphere and affordable pricing. The only catch? The menu bursts with so many delicious dishes that deciding what to order may be a challenge. Then again, if dining with a family, you can always share to sample as many dishes as possible. And of course, repeat visitors are more than welcome!

In case you really cannot make up your mind, here are a few recommendations: Start with a bruschetta with mushrooms, bresaola or anchovies, enjoy a guacamole with lamb crackling and make sure you try the creamy broccoli soup with Greek yoghurt. A salad lover? Presented in a glass jar that allows you to see all the beautifully layered ingredients, the stacked cobb salad is as delicious as the farmer’s favorite, the panzanella salad with cubes of bread soaked in red wine vinegar. Ready for the main course? The conchiglie shells with ricotta, cashew nuts and spinach and the Australian grass-fed rib eye are out of this world! If you like it hearty, you should definitely order the ‘seriously good cheeseburger´! Ground in house for the perfect balance of fat, the burger brings on the scale 180 gram as opposed to the usual serving of 120 gram, and comes layered with two different kind of cheeses, beef bacon and onion rings for a crunchy bite. Accompanied by hand-cut lotus root and sweet potato chips without a doubt the best burger on the island! When it comes to sweet finale, the cinnamon cashew churros dunk in an alcohol-free or a bourbon-infused chocolate sauce, and the beach blanket banana with ice cream and blueberries are simply delicious!

Whether you like to start your dining experience with a great aperitif, pair your main with exquisite wine or enjoy your burger with a glass of chilled beer, the extensive beverage menu leaves nothing to be desired.

In case you reached the closing paragraph without making reservations, here is the final argument why Ovn is a must-try dining location: You will have a hard time to find another restaurant with such an attentive personalized service!

Seating Capacity

Patio: 30
Indoors: 28
Bar 5

Price Range:

Entree                     17-29 RM
Soups & Salads      16-34 RM
Pasta                       26-36 RM
Mains                      28-68 RM
Dessert                   12-26 RM


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