By Kamila Delart

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Every time I’m approaching Pantai Cenang and see the colorful paraglider wings in the sky, I wonder how it must feel like floating among the candy-floss cloudlets and looking at the island from the bird’s eye perspective. I tend to slow down my car when passing the paramotor runway, but having a healthy respect from heights, I usually end up stepping on the gas again.

I’m not really sure what got into me this time, but despite having left my home with no plans to embark on a sky adventure, I pull over. And once I learn how safety-oriented the providers are - verifying that I don’t exceed the weight limit and questioning whether I have any history of high blood pressure - I put on a helmet and take a seat in the paramotor quad, a cart on four wheels with an attached airscrew. Not necessarily an act of bravery considering that in the seat behind me is Mr. Pak Soh, a pilot with more than 3.000 flight hours under his belt. And yet, having overcome my fears, I feel as though I have the world at my feet even before it becomes a reality…