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by Mark


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Having spent far too much time in front of my computer lately, it’s about time I took a proper day off.  I close my eyes, picturing a picnic on the beach, a hike through the jungle… But the enchanting beauty of the Langkawi Archipelago with its 99 islands seem to have casted a spell over me. So I quickly decide to treat myself with a leisurely day on the Andaman Sea.  I enjoyed quite a few wonderful cruises in the past, so this time I am looking for something special. And then I remember.  CRYSTAL YACHT HOLIDAYS, an innovative charter company specialized in quality sightseeing and adventure sailing, is supposed to be offering a rather unique Geopark Day Cruise with a BBQ on a deserted island. Robinson Crusoe for the day? Sounds perfect!

Boarding the spacious yacht, I have a hard time to pick my favorite spot. The interior of the cabin with the upholstered benches seems very inviting, there is a large sundeck, and the roof offers the most amazing view. Finally, I choose the shaded lounge area in the back of the boat. I watch the young captain: Stripped to the waist, his muscles glisten in the morning sun and his dark hair blows with the wind as he safely steers our boat onto the open sea. The adventure can begin.

I lean back, sip on the refreshing pineapple juice, enjoying the changing scenery: Tiny islands overgrown with dense jungle ruled by monkeys and prehistoric reptiles, idyllic sandy beaches, magnificent limestone formations with colorful streaks of mineral sediments, and secret caves with fossilized oysters and primordial stalactites and stalagmites. What a breathtaking spectacle!    

With the sun rays getting more and more powerful, the attentive crew sets up a saltwater Jacuzzi and we sprawl out in the comfortable net, letting the refreshing water cool off our bodies. What a delight! Rather than just a brief interlude as I experienced it in the past, we can indulge in the wet invigorating experience for more than an hour. And every single passenger does!  Attached to the boat with a solid rope, there is a life-ring, floating maybe 15 meters behind us. I follow the cord all the way until I reach the safety buoy, hold on to it and…  Wow! With the boat moving quite fast, it feels nothing like swimming. The water is streaming, and I glide like a dolphin, one with the emerald green element. Turning on my back, I watch the candy-floss cloudlets moving across the serene blue sky, occasionally spotting a sea eagle, feeling so at peace and carefree. Wishing this tranquil moment will never end.

But we are about to reach our destination – a dreamlike deserted island. The pristine beach shimmers in a golden hue against the lush green backdrop of a rainforest. Just like in my Robinson Crusoe fantasy. And it seems that the devoted Friday is already expecting us: I spot between the trees red hammocks, and in the air is the delicious aroma of grilled meat.  

Having a little time before the lunch is ready, we set out on a walk through the jungle.  There is no man-made path, and so we follow our guide, experiencing the real rainforest. There are bizarre entangled roots, a nest of wild bees hanging high up in a tree. And as we abruptly stop, keeping silent as the guide puts his index finger on the lips, we see a family of wild boar running away through the dense foliage. The path is quite steep, so we are slightly out of breath when we reach the very top of the hill. But all of that is forgotten the moment we take in the view. It’s simply breathtaking!


Crystal Yacht LangkawiAnd then it’s time for lunch. Having noticed a bone-fire before, I imagine that we will be sitting on the ground, eating from paper plates. But to my surprise, behind the bushes appears a table set with crisp tablecloth, flower arrangement, and exquisite crockery. Next to it is a huge gourmet buffet: crispy lamb chops served with mint sauce, roast chicken with savory stuffing, marinated squid, fish balls, Yakitori chicken on stick, cucumber salad with dill yogurt dressing, Thai beef salad, salad with star beans and another with radish and carrot … What a feast! 

Crystal Yacht LangkawiWe have some time left before we board the boat and embark on our journey back to the civilization.  Some of the guests stroll along the beach, collecting sea shells, others explore the coastline on a kayak. As for me – I just stretch out in a colorful hammock, listen to the symphony of the waves as they break against the rocks, and indulge in a day-dream. Who knows. Maybe the anchor got loose; the tide carried our boat away, and the Robinson Crusoe fantasy with CRYSTAL YACHT HOLIDAYS is not over yet…

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