The Science of tasting Durian

by Mark

Mark, 21 June 2009

Or: Saving the biggest Website about Langkawi

This article is not about Durian… it is about a huge (if not the biggest) Website about Langkawi, with such interesting articles like this one on “Durian“.

Saving the “Best-of-Langkawi”- Website

This website ‘’ – once on place ONE when searching for “Langkawi” –  has now slidden back on page 3 of the google ranking. Reason: it has not been updated for more than 4 years!

BTW: If we search the NET for ‘Langkawi’ we will see, that about 80% of the websites are not updated. What a shame!

Through luck or destiny – we got the opportunity to take over this website ‘best-of-langkawi’, and are now able to start to update and modernize it.  

This is a huge task. Firstly we have to upgrade the software by putting the whole website in a Joomla format, so it will be easy to work on. Once this is done, the editorial updating will take many months of work. If you are interested in helping us in one or the other way, practically or with new ideas, we would really appreciate it.

Why are we interested in the ‘Best of Langkawi’ – website?

We are already operating the Langkawi Gazette – why are we interested in a 2nd website?

Both websites will complement each other in an optimal way:

The Langkawi Gazette with its detailed reporting about local Events and the huge Business Directory will be a big help for the people who are already here: the Tourists, the English speaking Locals, the Business people.

The ‘Best of Langkawi’ will focus on the Culture and the Nature of this Island.
The ‘Best of Langkawi’ will bring the people here . . . to taste the Durian.


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