Seri Chenang Resort Langkawi

by Mark


By Kamila Delart

Private jets, exclusive resort hideaways, tantalizing culinary creations, handbags from Hermès, exquisite Cartier jewellery…

Celebrating the finer things in life and inspiring with stories of excellence and outstanding achievements of today’s industry leaders, movers and shakers, THE PEAK magazine recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. Having collected countless publishing awards over the years, and won the hearts of the Crème de la Crème in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia, the milestone called for a truly special event.

Now comes the interesting question. How does a group of discerning journalists and esteemed high-society guests and prominent corporate heads celebrate such an occasion?!

Accustomed to enjoy the most exquisite things life has to offer, they chose to spend a few days at SERI CHENANG, Langkawi’s new luxury boutique resort. Designed by the renowned Malaysian Architect, Dato’ ZainalAbidin, the timeless art village celebrates the Malay heritage, featuring six villas inspired by the most iconic Malay houses found in various parts of the country. The resort’s restaurant Dapur Warisan previously catered to Royal Highness, the King of Malaysia, and the Kayangan Spa™ lures with dreamlike signature packages inspired by Langkawi legends. Coupled with enchanting nature trips and a romantic sunset cruise in the emerald green Andaman Sea, certainly a celebration to remember!

Curious to find out more about their remarkable experience? The January issue of THE PEAK with a story about their stay should be out by now. Better yet, book a room at the SERI CHENANG and experience the enchanting property first-hand.

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