Some good News from the Langkawi Self Help Center

by Mark

Good News from the

Langkawi Self Help Center

Our two new processes, ROOT HEALING
(see: ) and TIER (Traumatic Incident Erasing) are very very successful.

We are working with people around the globe every day (we work over SKYPE) including training people to use the new techniques.

Over 90% of all the problems people come up with (mostly emotional problems, but also psychosomatic problems), are brought down from a strength of 10 to ZERO within about 90 minutes. This includes life long problems of a severe nature.

We are also working with people on a regular basis (like once a week) to help them to make real fast progress in their personal self development.

We work together with a psychic, who is able to see into the past of our clients and tell exactly what stumble block has to be looked at and removed first. He is the only person we know on this planet who is able to do this. We use him only for our regular clients and only with their approval. We haven’t had a miss so far. (The person wants to stay anonymous).

Beside this we have the possibility to work together with someone who is expert in Radionics and specialised in curing “incurable sicknesses”  with MMS. With very good results.

We can now attack any ‘incurable’ sickness from all sides:

– applying MMS in the exact right way by an experienced practitioner
– correcting the energies with Radionics
– getting the person assessed by our psychic
– getting the awareness why this sickness came up in the first place 
  (and cancel the ‘need’ for that out) with ROOT HEALING and if necessary TIER.
– merging the basic polarities involved

Neither we, nor these other people we work with are doing any of this for money. We all work on Donation basis. If you have no money, we do it for free.

If you can accept to have someone working with you – helping you to help yourself – then please contact us:   

Write to Mark at



On a personal note:

There is a woman on this island, Langkawi, who tells everybody that I am a ‘Scientologist’ and a member of the ‘Scientology Organisation’.

And even though I told her already long time ago, that both of this is 100% not true, she continues to spread this wrong data.

True is: I left the Scientology Organisation in 1982 (about 30 years ago !!!) and I did even fight two court battles against them at this time. Since then I am Persona Non Grata in this organisation – which pleases me well. I had never ever any further contact with them after 1982. (I do not ‘fight’ them – I simply don’t want to have anything to do with them and I haven’t. No relation ).

In the meantime I went to many seminars and learned many other techniques like EFT, Deep PEAT, Aspectika, Reiki (I and II), Matrix Energetics, The Structogram (and the Triune Brain Theory), RPT, Polar Dynamics, Girapoli, R3X etc. etc.). I got a lot more experience in working with myself and with other people.

Then, finally, about 6 months ago I condensed my knowledge in 2 basic processes: ROOT HEALING (see a short explanation of what this is here: ) and TIER (Traumatic Incident Erasing). 

These two processes, together with Deep EAT used with Polar Dynamics and the “Wheels of Life” are the basic processes we use at the moment. Our website is open to the public and shows in details what we do, including giving out the full wording of our processes for free.

Everybody who has any clue about Scientology Technology can see and feel in an instant, that we do not have anything to do with this organisation. A process like ROOT HEALING would be unthinkable in Scientology, as it works ‘on the Body side’ instead of the ‘Spirit side’.

Polarity Processing, using Deep PEAT for merging the main 16 polarities – which can be seen as creating the physical and spiritual universe – would also be unthinkable in Scientology, as Scientology has no clue about the 16 basic polarities in the first place and no clue about the need of a balance between Higher Self and Lower Self (which is why people who are not naturally well grounded, tend to get a bit crazy or even sick, when they engage in too much Scientology).

I herewith ask this woman to give the link of our website to her own Scientology-savvy people and ask them, if these processes are Scientology processes in any way. IF they are Scientology-savvy, they will immediately see and feel, that what we do here is clearly very different. It is a different technique, done in a different spirit for a different purpose: we like to help people, but we have no mission to ‘save the planet’.

To the people who listen to this woman telling negative things about me I would suggest to have a closer look at her: why does she do that? Why does she tell negative things about other people (again and again) and – in my case – things that are clearly completely untrue? Why does she need to try to make others small ?

What people say about others often tells us more about these people themselves, than the persons they want to invalidate.

I do not belong to any group, or any believe system or practice-organisation. I do not need this. My only reputation is my ability to help changing things to the positive for people who ask me to work with them – something everyone can try out for himself for free. I am not money or power orientated. There is no club to join, no membership available, no “inner circle” in existence – and no ‘secrets attached’… I do not even need your real name or need to know your exact problem. It even works without that.

It’s pretty much the complete opposite to the intentions and practices of the management of any Scientology organisation.


Me and Reiki

Let me ad a few words about Reiki here – as there is a group of people who engage in Reiki on this island, most of them somehow connected to Yogesh Thaker.

From one of them, Maria, I got five sessions a few months back which were really good and helped me a lot in regard to getting more energy in a moment when I needed that. I do appreciate these people very much and I can e.g. truly recommend Maria for this purpose.

I have also learned Reiki myself (only Level I and II) and do apply it sometimes. I do often apply it remotely, mainly with a friend of mine in Jakarta. It is very powerful – it puts him asleep within a short time – lol (but of course this is not the only effect it has).

Nevertheless, Reiki – as I see it, should be used as a TOOL and not as a RELIGION.

As I understand it, Reiki is a “frequency” (wrong word – but we have no words for this…) that comes from a ‘higher/earlier’ universe where there was no duality yet in the sense we have it here now.

Applying Reiki helps to ‘go beyond duality’ and can therefore smoothen out nearly everything.

But Reiki is on the other side not a tool to permanently resolve clearly defined problems within our universe in a short time. To believe so and to relay completely on the ‘force of Reiki’ to ‘solve all problems’ transforms good people into ‘spiritual vegetables’ and makes them pretty stupid.

Reiki is NOT a ‘this universe thing’ – and like the universe where Reiki comes from has deteriorated down to where we are now, the energy ‘as it was then’ will not help us with everything now. Unless you believe it of course – upon which you will see black as white and be happy. Once you are on the level of ‘believing’ you are of course completely lost.

To believe that there is just one single simple thing, like a Pill for everything, which will help you on your way to full self development is nonsense. There is a lot wrong with everyone incarnated on this planet (otherwise we would probably not be here) – but there are a lot of ways to undo these wrongness’s, to learn and to discharge the spiritual masses, to clean out all the unnecessary filters, to become aware of ones hidden purposes and goals and overcome them and to become again a free, happy and powerful being.

The Langkawi Self Help Center can be a first step to take.





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