Sunset Charter with Stardust Langkawi

by Mark


An advertorial by Kamila Delart

Being a writer, I find myself easily spellbound by an expression. By the images that come to my mind, stories that unfold – triggered by a single word.  So when I book a Sunset Cruise with STARDUST, I feel this magic raising within myself.  The dust of stars…  Sparkly, mysterious, promising  an out-of-this world experience…  

Boarding a speedboat, we depart from the Kilim Jetty, and follow the stream of the river, taking in the changing scenery. The colorful boats and lively atmosphere of the quay are replaced by a quiet dark of the surrounding mangroves, guarded by a fort of dense entangled roots. There is a couple of brown Mini Kites, nose-diving to catch a frog or maybe a small lizard.

As we pass a few fishermen boats, the riverbed becomes wider, and we see these breathtaking limestone formations on both brinks. – Opening up into secret caverns, overgrown with prehistoric ferns that miraculously found a way to put down roots in the cracks of the barren rocks.

Reaching a secluded bay, we hear the forceful sound of wings cutting through the air, and as we lift our heads, we notice a group of White-Bellied Sea Eagles. On a hunt, they circle around, with their enormous wings widely spread, and their eyes focused on the glistening water surface – ready to strike the moment they spot a fish.  

Returning back to the main river channel, we finally see our boat:  White,  with freshly varnished wood, shiny brass elements and a flag flattering in the wind, Stardust is a true beauty –  waiting to take us on a magical journey towards the sunset.

The deck is spacious, and with some guests remaining in the back talking to the captain and others choosing the shaded seating area, I have the entire bow for myself.  I sprawl out on a soft cozy mattress, enjoying the breeze, the gentle motion of waves cradling our boat, the picturesque islands rising on a steep angle from the emerald green of the Andaman Sea.

There is a delicious aroma in the air. With my mouth watering, I walk towards the back of the boat and watch one of the boys from the crew handling the BBQ. Sizzling over a glowing charcoal, there are huge king prawns and satay sticks with chicken, onions and bell pepper, ready to be placed on the table, next to the lime-marinated sea bass, grilled octopus, coconut rice, crunchy beans, and delicious cabbage salad spiced with curcuma. Accompanied by chilled wine and sparkling water a true feast!  

Digesting the scrumptious meal, I listen to a lounge music gently playing in the background, and savor a delicious cocktail, admiring the perfectly fine-tuned composition of colors:  The drink along with the fabric on my lounger pick up the gold, orange and deep red of a sunset – as if to pay tributes to the amazing spectacle on the horizon in front of us! The rich hues pulsate with energy, and blending into one another, they resemble a brilliant piece of art.

Lost in thoughts, I flinch when somebody pulls on my sleeve.  But as I turn around, I have to smile: ‘Did you see?!?!’ With eyes full of excitement, there is Aston – a six years old boy from Australia. ‘We could have easily crashed against the craigs!’ he animatedly points to an island behind us. ‘But I helped the captain to steer the tiller.  Sooo lucky I was there!’ Half whispering, Aston leans closer adding in secrecy: ‘You know, there are some invisible rocks, too.  Underneath the water! So you have to go in a reaaaaly big circle!’ Patting reassuringly my hand, his little face lights up with a smile: ‘Now we are safe!

Aston gets up,  looking at the horizon turning darker and darker, trying to guess the direction of the Kilim Jetty as our boat floats silently through the night. Suddenly, the black sky  is illuminated with  a bolt, and I feel a little body pressing against the mine as if looking for comfort. But before I can say anything, Ashton squeezes my hand: ‘Don’t be afraid! If the storm was really close, we would hear a thunder.  My daddy told me once. He is a scientist, you know! As a new lightning strikes, Aston adds: ‘It’s actually pretty, isn’t it? Like fireworks!’

And I have to agree. It’s a magical view. And a perfect final touch to a dreamlike Sunset Cruise with STARDUST!

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