Swine Flu Epidemic in Phuket

by Mark

Shirley, 14 June 2009, Sources: The Nation, Thai Visa Forum, Phuket Gazette, Bangkok Post and websites mentioned below.

How bad is it ?

The Phuket Tourist Association’s vice-president has warned that travelers and the public could be intimidated by the risened level of alert for swine flu, which the WHO increased from phase 5 to phase 6, the highest level.


In Thailand, 46 swine flu cases have been confirmed on 12 June 2009. Most of the new infections are detected among workers at a nightclub in the seaside resort of Pattaya. 21 of the new cases were found among the Pattaya nightclub workers, who were tested after two tourists claimed to have contracted the disease there upon their return home.

The Prime Minister said: “There are new confirmed cases both in Pattaya and Phuket. But none of them is in a serious condition.” Health officials reported 30 news cases across the nation, including a young British traveler, and said more were expected. However, the minister adviced the people to remain calm because there was no domestic pandemic of swine flu and that all those patients were contracted the virus from abroad.

The World Health Organization annouced the global swine flu outbreak a pandemic on Thursday after weeks of public dealing with its own conscience. This action shows that the virus is spreading geographically, but does not mean the the disease, generally claimed to be mild, has become any more serious.

Image by Phuket Gazette.


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