TELAGA ARABIC Cafe & Restaurant Langkawi

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Tel: +6 04 9552225

Operating Hours: noon – midnight

Conveniently located in the very middle of Pantai Cenang, Telaga Arabic Café & Restaurant is famous for its attentive service and delicious Arabic cuisine.

Surrounded by tropical plants, with Arabic music gently playing in the background, the canopied outdoor patio lures with a relaxed atmosphere. The air-conditioned indoors with built-in partitions offer privacy appreciated especially by Arabic guests and couples.

With the waiting staff fluent in Arabic, English and Malay, placing an order is a straight-forward, very pleasant experience. The passionate Syrian Chef utilizes only fresh ingredients along with spices imported from the Middle East – making sure you get to enjoy a truly authentic Arabic cuisine. With all meals cooked to order, each recipe can be tailored to fit your preference. So if you happen to dislike garlic or any other ingredient, you only need to mention it…

Those looking for a quick afternoon snack will be delighted to find Arabic sandwiches filled with tender lamb or chicken kebab, shawarma or shish taouk.

If you come at the dinner time, begin your evening with a mixed appetizer platter with creamy hummus, baba ganouj and mutabel. Or order the delicious stuffed grape leaves or the kibbeh meatballs. When it comes to main course, opt for musaqah made of eggplant and mincemeat or order mixed BBQ. Prepared on charcoal, the flavor is exquisite and best enjoyed with the delicious mandy, biryani or kabseh rice.

Whatever your order, the portions are huuuuge, so a rich dessert is pretty much out of the question. Instead, order a platter with three-ripened, juicy tropical fruits. For a truly Arabic experience, complete your evening with a sweet mint tea or Turkish coffee and enjoy shisha with apple, grape, strawberry or mint flavored tobacco.

Seating Capacity

Air- conditioned indoors: 60 guests
Canopied patio: 30 guests

Price Range:

Starter:            RM  10 – 25
Soup:              RM    8 – 30
Sandwich        RM  12 – 16
Main Course   RM  22 – 39
Dessert:          RM    7 – 10



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