The 6 Healing Sounds

by Mark

Shirley, 7 October 2009

Presenter: Dr. Jannie Chew
Date : 7 November 2009, Saturday
Time : 9 am -12 noon and 2pm – 5pm
Venue : Langkawi
Investment : RM 120

There will be a 6 Healing Sounds session with Dr. Jannie Chew on the date and at the time mentioned above.

Please call 019 652 0683 or

Please visit their website for further information.

It is believed that positive and negative emotions are connected with the internal organs in the Taoist Tradition. One of the keys to good health is to be aware of these emotional energies that exist in the organs, and to turn the negative emotional energies into positive life force, or Chi.

The practice of 6 Healing Sounds includes simple arm movement synchronized with the breath and sounds to release stress, cool the inner organs, and promote serenity. This special form of exercise helps to balance and regulate your body temperature by releasing trapped cold or heat, forming perfect ‘weather’ inside. It is especially energizing for the body and spirit with regular practice.

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