The Langkawi Healing Exercises

by Mark


Langkawi is a place of ‘Healers’: Sophisticated SPAs care not only for your body – but speak also to your Soul. Special Massages, Acupuncture, Yoga Schools, Meditation and Reiki are just a few of the disciplines where these ‘Langkawi Healers’ can be found – most of them working in a modest way – without mentioning the miracles they achieve…

Langkawi is also home to ROOT HEALING – a new technique that ‘speaks to your body’ ( Its latest ‘Healing Project’ are the

‘LANGKAWI HEALING EXERCISES’ – which are being edited at the time.

The first of these Exercises (there will be a new one every few weeks) has already been published. It is called:

Yawn it All Out !

It contains background information about what ‘Yawning really is’ – why it is good for you and how you can consciously use it.

If you are interested in getting this exercise – and the others for free (including the relevant background information) –  when they appear – please write to:

Mark at

Further Exercises will feature:

Shake it All Off
Body Orgasm without Sex

See what you See
Starting to REALLY BE Here and Now

Bleed out your Emotions
You will never blame someone else
anymore for your own emotions.

Be at home in all the Places you
have ever been and will ever be.
Universal Clearing Process (UCP)

Own this Place
(‘Holding the 8 Anchor Points’ Exercise)
& Stay Aware
(‘What – Why’ Exercise)

Stop the Illusion of Time
(Time Breaking)

Special Problems: Tap-and-Yawn-them-out fast
(Emotional Freedom Tech (EFT) & Yawning)

Undo all past Fight-Flee- and Freeze-Situations
(Basic Root-Healing-Yawn-&-EFT)

Get the Inner Peace State
(Conception: EFT-Yawning)

‘Stay on the Road’ by Surfing your Polarities
(Highway to Tao)

. . . and others – but they will not come
in this precise sequence !

To get all these Langkawi Exercises including the background information for free when they appear – write to Mark at 


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