The Maha Tower Langkawi

The Maha Tower in Langkawi

by Mark


The Maha Tower in Langkawi is a monument being constructed in Kuah Town – as projected in January 2014 has grown to a full blast MAHA CITY.  It is expected to open anywhere in 2022 and for tourists. The idea behind the tower is to appeal to both tourism and telecommunication.

Construction of the Maha Tower in Langkawi

In 2015 a 138-meter tall tower with the name was being constructed in Langkawi. The project was officiated by Tun Dr. Mahathir.

The site at the beachfront in Kuah covers 28.5 acres and the entire project, some of it on reclaimed land, is expected to be completed by 2020. The tower itself, believed to cost more than RM100m, is supposed to be completed by 2015.

t it looked like in 2015

Maha tower plan

Maha tower plan

The picture above shows the original plan and a detail study of the ca. 20 story-buildings right at the sea.

Where is it located?

You can find Langkawi at a beachfront in Kuah town.


Jalan Mahawangsa,
Kuah Town,
07000 Langkawi,
Kedah, Malaysia


To read more about the project check out the Langkawi City website.


Original plan of Maha city

Original plan of Maha city

Maha Tower under construction

Langkawi – the little Singapore of Malaysia


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