Trip to Satun

by Mark


By Kamila Delart

Planning a trip across the border – wondering where to stay and what to do once there? Admittedly, Satun is not the most exciting place in the world, so 72 hours can seem like an eternity :-).  But if you know what to look for, you can have an amazing time!

If you happen to be a fan of Langkawi’s Babylon Mat Lounge, you will loooove ANG YEE’S GUESTHOUSE & ART CAFÉ. The flower-power B&B has a fantastic atmosphere!

Each of the six bedrooms is decorated in an individual style, featuring traditional Thai furniture, beautiful paintings on the walls, and maybe even a little Buddha on your nightstand. The shared bathrooms are decorated with beautiful driftwood pieces and creative art hand-made by the owner. 

The open-air Art Café in the backyard is the perfect hideaway:  Lush tropical greenery, bubbling water fountain, bamboo wind chimes, colorful pillows, reggae music… What more do you need to chill out?! Kitchen is open from 7.30am to 10.30pm, starting with a proper English breakfast and serving traditional Thai food during the day. And if you feel like chatting with your friends back home, there is Wi-Fi throughout the entire B&B.

The owners, Mam & Cheer, are sweethearts! The will pick you up at the ferry, treat you during the car trip with a juicy pineapple, remember that you like your coffee in the morning extra strong, and even organize a Thai Massage for you:  Performed in a cozy Sala underneath a canopy of colorful saris, with spicy incense in the air, and lounge music in the background, the skillful kneading and stretching is a bliss! 

Ladies can get their nails done at a nearby Beauty Parlor. Although self-taught, the beautician, Koy, is so talented, she could easily get a job in any five star Spa. There are not many shopping opportunities in Satun. But if you look closely, you will come across great bargains! Fancy new sunglasses or designer frames? Top Chroen Optical has great offers of ‘buy one get one free’; the professional staff will happily measure your eyesight, and fit your new frames with the correct lenses within one hour only.

Ready for a quick trip to the Thai coast of the Andaman Sea? Only 15 km away is a dreamlike beach. Go for a walk, enjoy the view, and laze around in one of the tiny cabanas on the shore.

If you are looking for a ‘change of scenery’, enjoy a dinner at On’s.  The restaurant serves Western cuisine and exotic Thai dishes such as spicy banana blossom salad or coconut treetop salad with prawns, and every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, there is a great live music performance.

Fearing that I won’t know how to fill the time, I brought along quite a few books. My ferry is about to depart, without me having even touched one of those, and I actually wished I could stay for a little longer. There is a beautiful nature park called ‘Monkey Forrest’ at the end of Satun, only 30 km away are natural hot springs, and a little further a spectacular cave of 7 km length one can explore on a kayak. Cheer promised to take me there next time I visit – and having had a great time, I cannot wait to come back!

Ang Yee’s              
                                       (+66) 080-5340057
Beauty Parlor / Koy        (+66) 082-4290940  
Top Charoen Optical      (+66) 074-7216710
On’s                               (+66) 081-9576709                           

A stay in Satun is VERY affordable: Rooms at Ang Yee’s are available from RM 45 /night, one hour massage costs RM 35, the overall price for mani & pedi is RM 20, and the discount at the opticians is simply incredible.


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