Happy Sunset with Tropical Charters

by Mark


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With my birthday slowly aproaching, I’m trying to think of something special to do. And then it strikes me. Sunset Cruise! The perfect plan for this special occasion! Making a few phone calls, I book the Sunset Dinner Cruise with TROPICAL CHARTERS, a fully licensed and insured provider with a variety of boats from  ‘Seasation’, a twin deck catamaran, through the luxurious sailing yacht ‘Suka-Suka’, to Warisan Duyong, a stunning wooden yacht built in traditional Malay style. Apart form ‘Grace’, ‘Alexandra’ and ‘Baby Tonga’- the preferred choice for private charters.

Finally, my big day is here, and I find myself in a dinghy that brings us to the boat. Once on board of the ‘Seasation’ I look for a cozy spot. The triangle Thai pillows on the spacious foredeck look beyond  tempting. But in the end, I claim the few stairs to the upper deck, and sprawl out on a huge comfortable launcher.

Chilling out, listening to a lounge music, and sipping the ‘Chi-Chi’ Cocktail with the tropical flavour of pineapple and coconut blended with vodka, I look at the glittering emerald green water surface, and there is this sudden feeling of freedom and happiness.  

The boat glides with ease towards the horizon, passing tiny islands rising from the ground of the ocean: overgrown with dense jungle, with some of them guarding their pristine beauty by steep limestone cliffs, and others alluring with idyllic sandy beaches the adventurous soul to indulge in a Robinson Crusoe fantasy.

With a free flow bar, I’m savoring my second cocktail, and as the music gets a little louder, playing rhythmical Latino songs, we all are slowly getting into a party mood.

A few guys put away their beer cans, and jump into the sea for a quick swim, while I join the others in the salt water ‘Jacuzzi’. Floating on a net made of strong sailor ropes, I let the chilly bubbly water cool down and refresh my body.

The air begins to fill with the delicious aroma of the BBQ dinner. With my mouth watering, I watch one of the crew members take the crispy golden fish, chicken, and satay sticks from the grill: Unmistakable signal to head to the buffet. With my plate filled with a variety of salads and BBQ delicacies, I return to my launcher to watch the sunset. The sky is turning golden and orange, with crimson hues adding depth to the spectacular picture. What a breathtaking view!  

Night in LangkawiAnd then the night sets in, wrapping us in a velvety darkness, with the stars brightly shining above us. The flickering party-lights, and the beat of the music pull us from the chairs. Following the contagious rhythm, we begin to move, dancing the night away.

Just before it’s time to leave ‘Seasation’,  I hear from the loudspeakers Bob Marley’s  ‘Don’t worry, be happy’.  And I wonder whether this may be the motto of TROPICAL CHARTERS. Because no matter what your mood is like upon boarding, you will have the time of your life!

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